ASA 105 Coastal Navigation

ASA 105Underway Sailing Clinics

Course Description

Able to demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters. There is no Sailing Skills part of this Standard and practical application of this Sailing Knowledge is found in the Advance Coastal Cruising Standard.


  • None


A Reality Sailing certified sailor would be able to successful demonstrate his or her ability to:

  • Explain the chart symbols and conventions on U.S. nautical charts in accordance with the terminology of chart #1
  • Identify a source of official U.S. Coast Guard navigation publications.
  • List the publications required for prudent navigation in the local area.
  • List the instruments required for prudent navigation in the   local area .
  • Describe the purpose of “Notice to Mariners”.
  • Use tide and current tables efficiently.
  • Convert courses and bearings between true, magnetic and compass.
  • Check Compass deviation by means such as transit bearings
  • Plot dead reckoning position on a chart using speed, time and course to steer.
  • Allow for effect of current and leeway to plot the estimated position.
  • Determine a course to steer which takes into account known current and leeway.
  • Determine current given the course steered and speed and two observed positions.
  • Plot a chart position from terrestrial objects.
  • Use the above techniques to chart a course of at least 20 miles and 3 course changes.
  • Explain the terms and characteristics used to lighted navigation aids.
  • Explain the significance of shapes, colors, and lights used in the buoy system.

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