Science Exploration

Our developing programs highly contribute to the preservation of the oceans by utilizing the wind, current and forces of nature as means of fuel for our means of transportation.

Our goal is to create worldwide consciousness regarding keeping the oceans, the environment and ecosystems healthy and thus promote ways to accomplish that goal.


  • Support the research of other transportation methods that avoid the harmful effects of pollution and the carbonic emissions caused by the exhaustive burning of fossil fuels.
  • Explore and research the Baja California Peninsula and the Sea of Cortés using existing, new and proposed sites of the once called “Escalera Nauticaproject”. Document safe anchorages and share this stations with the world.
  • Promote and invite the national and international nautical tourism to visit the new and  nnovative Ports and Marina sites along the Sea of Cortés.
  • Reality Sailing voyages provide a dedicated space to scientists from around the world for research and science exploration.

Keeping our oceans healthy is of extreme importance for the survival of our planet. We have the responsibility to conserve and preserve them; the Sea of Cortés in particular, due to the large amount of marine life that inhabits it.


  • Show adventure travelers and eco-tourists the beautiful natural paradises that the Sea of Cortés has to offer to the world.
  • Establish new sailing schools with knowledge based in the peninsula's weather patterns and the Sea of Cortés.
  • Build the first innovative research campus based on sailing and science. Place of inspiration and research for scientists and university students geared to marine sciences and the development of cleaner energies.

If the idea of living in a healthy planet sounds interesting to you, CONTACTS US.