Voyages to the Sea of Cortés

Reality Sailing coastal section takes place in Southeast portion of the Baja Peninsula Mexico. This remote location provide sense of grander in you as you navigate close to a desert.

The routes and anchorages selected in our voyages are among the best places in the world to do so, as expressed by FORBES magazine. Navigate 40 feet mono and 44 multi hull sailboats. Each vessel will have a ratio of 1 instructor per every 5 students. This vessels will become your moving classroom. Each sailboat will have a tender to explore remote coves which larger vessels can’t reach. Making camping along the coastline available for the participants to enjoy.

  • Top of the line sailing vessels
  • Certified Sailing instructors
  • Un-inhabited islands in the Sea of Cortés.
  • And a variety of aquatic activities to enjoy:
    • Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Surfing. Contact us for pricing