Reality Sailing's digital platform objective

Reality Sailing's platform opens to the world the possibilities of living aboard a balanced, sustainable planet. Better yet, in harmony with mother nature. The study and practice of navigation aboard sailing vessels is an important aspect of the formula to solve our energy and climate crisis. Our proposal benefits everyone, particularly the Ocean.

the Reality saling and science team

Our vision comes from a combination of ideas, and inspiration in addition to our involvement in sailing, science, and ecology. The Ocean plays a big role on planet Earth. In fact, it's the most dominantly visible element from space; a reason why it's called the blue planet. We feel that if people learn and get to know how ecological it is to use this means of transportation, our climate, and energy crisis would be gone in a few decades.

founder & CEO
j. Manuel Moreno, ASA

Founder and CEO of Reality Sailing Adventure, a certified sailing instructor with over 24 years of experience in cruising, boat delivering and private skippered charter. Sailing, boating and safety Certified , architect with over 2 decades of experience in projects ranging from institutions, high end residential, commercial, research and development, healthcare.

science program director
Alyson Fleming, Ph. d.

Professor at University of North Carolina, Wilmington Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography UCSD, B.S. Biology and Sec. Environmental Studies from Tufts University.

Director of operations
Gary T. Peterson

San Diego-based Senior Vice President Lockton Insurance. Specializing in insurance, risk finance, health and welfare-employee benefits, and risk management with client concentration in real estate and construction. Division commander (e) 11s-01 United States Coast Guard, Port Captain Point Loma Yacht Club Avid sailor, and active crew member of a racing vessel.

Reality Sailing Science and Adventure


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About us

We are a group of visionaries with a clear objective; to promote sailing and the countless benefits obtained from the most ecological transportation system. Keeping our ocean clean and free of pollution is our main objective.

Our board of directors is composed of a group of members who share the knowledge of their profession, their passion for sailing, and their love for the planet.  All for the sole purpose of creating educational awareness programs that benefits the Ocean,

We have a solution to control the climate change, even to eradicate the energy crisis. Which is best, in a positive, sustainable, and fun adventurous way. 

Remember, this is the only Earth we will ever have.

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